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Unlicensed Contractors

Why Legal Action Against Unlicensed Contractors Matters

Has an unlicensed contractor performed work on your property and caused damage? Homeowners are constantly upgrading their homes with the help of contractors or building a new project. While many contractors claim to be licensed in the field, only few may truly be. It’s in a homeowner’s best interest to always seek the services of a licensed contractor. However, many homeowners nonetheless hire unlicensed contractors who provide more trouble than assistance. Those who have been taken advantage of by an unlicensed contractor should immediately seek legal assistance. Hiring an attorney for this issue can help you remedy your damages.

How We Serve Our Clients

  • Legal Guidance
  • Compensation pursuit
  • Free consultation
  • Risk mitigation
  • Financial recovery
  • Damages claims
  • Payment options

Why Legal Action against Unlicensed Contractors Matters

The allure of lower prices and quick work can often tempt homeowners into hiring unlicensed contractors. However, the fallout can be significant, from shoddy workmanship to incomplete projects and even legal liability for accidents that occur on your property. Victims often find themselves financially drained, facing both the costs of remedial work and potential legal complications.

Etehad Law is here to guide you through the legal landscape, ensuring that unlicensed contractors are held accountable for their actions.

  • Inferior Workmanship
  • Lack of Insurance
  • Legal Compliance
  • Risk of Abandonment
  • Voided Warranties
  • Financial Losses
  • Safety Hazards
  • Legal Recourse

Our Personal Approach

Etehad Law was instrumental in refining the law regarding arbitration awards. Achieving an outstanding result, the Court of Appeal refined and clarified an existing law rendering inapplicable the general prohibition of reviewing arbitration awards. (Ahdout v. Hekmatjah (2013) 213 Cal.App.4th 21, 38.)

In cases involving unlicensed contractors, our innovative legal strategies have led to groundbreaking verdicts that have set precedents in the industry. Our attorneys collaborate closely with construction experts, property evaluators, and financial analysts to develop a comprehensive approach. We don't just aim to win your case; we aim to change the system, making it safer and more equitable for homeowners like you.


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