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Triumph Through Adversity: From Initial $4K Offer to $1.25 Million Settlement for Army Veteran

A Decorated Veteran’s Resilient Journey

Last month, six months into litigation, defense attorneys finally realized that our client deserved the full policy limit that would address our client’s pain and suffering following a devastating car crash. After an initial offer of a mere $4,000, defense attorneys agreed to tender two insurance policies totaling $1,250,000. Thankfully, this will cover our client’s past medical care and future medical bills.

In March 2022, a young Army Veteran contacted our office after having been involved in a car crash. After seeing the damage to his truck and listening to the pain he was in, we knew he would need our assistance navigating the complexities of medical treatment and litigation.

Ten years prior to the crash, our client was honorably discharged from the United States Army, after having served for nearly a decade and having participated in several deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan. During one of his deployments, he sustained injuries to his hand and a graze to his neck. Even after receiving the Purple Heart for those injuries, he deployed one last time before retirement.

After his military service, our client continued to work with personnel who trained the U.S. military for operations abroad – it was something that he was and still is very passionate about. This crash changed all that. He was unable to move and train as he was accustomed. A man of many talents, he did not allow this crash or his injuries to limit his future. As a student at a prestigious university, he used his background and discipline to help carve out another route to success post-injury.

The Road to Recovery and Legal Victory

While our client was treated for the injuries he sustained in the crash, we diligently communicated with him and advised him on how his case was positioned at every juncture. As his injuries became more bothersome, they had an increasingly burdensome impact on his normal life. Ultimately, he opted for surgical intervention which proved successful. To date, our client has regained mobility, strength, and confidence in his ability to fully recover from the crash that could have taken his life.

“Cheers to our client and Kirk S. Comer for a job exceedingly well done.”

Etehad Law: Advocating for Those Who Served

Etehad Law is firmly dedicated to assisting those who have served our country and now need legal support to navigate their civilian lives. With a focus on personal injury law, we provide comprehensive legal services to ensure that veterans and other clients receive the justice and compensation they deserve. If you or a loved one has been involved in an accident and need expert legal help, reach out to us at Etehad Law. We stand ready to support you through your recovery journey and fight for your rights.


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