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Pedestrian Accidents: Understanding the Details

Pedestrian accidents are viscous. Most of these situations have a tremendous negative impact on victims’ lives, leaving long-term physical and emotional conditions that affect everything–from work-related stress to family affairs.

While many victims find hope in what an accident attorney can do for them, reckless drivers continue to be a serious problem. After suffering an accident of this nature, many questions arise. The victims may feel equally curious and frustrated–eager to find answers.

So, why these accidents occur? Which are the most common causes behind them? Is it always the drivers’ fault? Let’s address this point.


When a vehicle is speeding anything could go wrong. Driving at high speeds where greater restrictions are imposed is not only dangerous to the drivers of those vehicles but other drivers and pedestrians with whom we share the road. Speeding is one of the leading contributors, if not the leading contributor to auto accidents. At high speeds, it becomes difficult to adhere to safety measures and puts lives at risk.

Full Stops and Red Lights

It has become commonplace to see drivers fail to come to a complete stop at intersections or crosswalks where pedestrians are present. Over-confident drivers fail to recognize the necessity in doing so. The failure in making a complete stop and simply slowing down is reckless and can lead to more egregious driving behavior.

Similarly, coming to a complete stop at a red light is paramount to the safety of other drivers and pedestrians. Failure to stop at a red light is an infraction that often leads to serious, and sometimes, fatal accidents.

Weather Conditions

Poor visibility due to snow or heavy rain is a frequent factor in these situations. A pedestrian accident attorney without proper experience may find great challenges in these scenarios as drivers have plenty to defend themselves. Of course, difficult weather conditions should also create a sense of alertness among pedestrians, leading them to be thoughtful and careful when walking or standing near to affected roads.

Where the Pedestrians Do Fail

An attorney will need to study the details of every case first in order to determine the viability of the case. With too many moving parts, it is possible for a case to turn against the victim.

Going through a crosswalk without paying enough attention may have fatal consequences. This is the cause behind many pedestrian accidents. There is a chance that the drivers’ attorneys can prove this is the result of the accident. This can cause a dramatic shift in culpability from the driver to the pedestrian.

Relying on an attorney who understands the nature and common pitfalls of pedestrian accidents can have a lasting affect on the success of the case. Drivers must respond according to both the law and the victim. Drivers should adhere to the rules of the road. If they violate those rules and cause serious injury, especially to those who do not have the protection of a vehicle, they should be responsible for the legal consequences along with paying for the injuries sustained because of their violations.

While the police and witnesses play a huge role in the case’s final outcome, an attorney will be uniquely responsible for delivering fair results to the victim.